The Best Bands: Wedding Music Hire

Whenever you think about wedding songs, you automatically think of the wedding march and other conventional kinds of wedding music accompaniments. Whilst a large majority of people still choose the traditional wedding music ideas, there’s a new breed of weddings that’s enjoying the power of audio. Birmingham’s premier wedding band Apollo Soul can be found online, they have won multiple awards and have outstanding reviews from their customers. 

This music is dependent largely on the sort of ceremony; using a conventional church-based service, the music is very likely to be from an organ or keyboard. 

Having a more modern style service, brides often favor popular music which holds some special memories for the wedding couple. Popular music also enables guests to have something to listen to (or even sing along with) whilst they’re awaiting the actual ceremony. 

Wedding Songs – Improving Your Day 

Wedding music should be an enhancement of your daily life and not only something that must be in the background. Consider your theme and attempt to select wedding music which will go along with this theme. 

Wedding music can really enable you to make specific parts of your day stick out. Use light background music to your calmer times, with louder more jazzy wedding songs for those times you need to catch your guests’ attention. 

Wedding Songs – Ideas from the Ordinary 

The most recent trend in wedding music is to have live performances. Bands playing at a wedding reception aren’t really a novel concept, nevertheless live music during the ceremony and throughout the meal is equally new and advanced. If you choose live wedding music, then it’s worth opting for something like a harpist so the volume isn’t distractingly loud. 

During the wedding reception, it’s fairly normal to see a conventional disco, but a lot of brides are now eager to prevent the conventional disco offerings and search for new and unique ideas for entertaining their wedding guests. Why not have a disco that goes through the years of the couple’s relationship, from the song that was playing when they first met to the tune which was playing the night before the wedding, this is a terrific method of keeping interest in the wedding songs, during the evening. 

Other couples have opted for karaoke, bringing a different dynamic to the evening party allowing guests to get involved. However, be certain that your guests will appreciate your efforts, there’s nothing worse than a karaoke with no one taking part!

Live music wins every time when it comes to entertainment. In a study, it was found that 90% of guests and couples were extremely happy with their choice in live music. It is unbeatable. A local band in Birmingham, Apollo Live have gained a lot of attention recently, earning multiple awards.

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